A Real Estate Agent

The job of a real estate agent is not simply to show a home to sell or rent it.

He Will Support You At Every Stage Of The Negotiation

The real estate agent will always be present to offer expert advice so that he will always be with you.

Identify The Best Options

Being within the real estate sector, the advisor will be able to quickly identify the best options for you and your family, not only in terms of price.

You Will Save Time

Real estate professionals usually have a list of properties ready to buy or rent, so you will save time and effort when looking for the perfect home for you.

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Publication Of Ads On Real Estate Portals

One of the main obligations of real estate agencies is to promote your property to sell it as soon as possible. To do this, they will develop a marketing plan consisting of taking photographs of your property, videos and creating advertisements on real estate.

The Basic Real Estate Services

Real estate provides

Modern Real Estate Agencies

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Virtual agencies operate predominantly online, leveraging technology to facilitate transactions and communication.

iBuyer platforms utilize algorithms and data analytics to provide instant offers on properties.

Crowdsourced platforms leverage the collective wisdom of their user base to provide insights and recommendations.

Accompaniment In Your Purchase

A real estate agency will guide you through the purchasing process, ensuring that you stay within your budget and that the property contains most of your desired requirements.

Common Faq

most question ask

trusted real estate company should be able to answer some questions that will help you make the best investment decision based on the security and confidence they offer you.

The sum makes the final price of a property of the expenses involved in its production and produced in its creation. Includes construction payment, licenses, permits, etc. In the same way, it considers the value of the land where the building is carried out.

What projects have you developed, and how do you measure the return on investment or surplus value?

It is important to observe the way in which real estate agents advertise the sale of their properties. If a real estate company uses billboards, fences or mysterious ads with only a WhatsApp number, something is not looking good.  If the price is too good for the area, be suspicious. 

Processing Of Documentation

To sell the property, the seller must prove that he owns the home or demonstrate some issues regarding the property’s condition.

Legal Advice

Hiring a real estate agency has many advantages, but this is one of the most outstanding.

Real estate advisor

We are talking about a natural person who provides real estate management services, advising, and processing operations related to property sale, rental, or transfer.

Over time, the functions of the real estate advisor have expanded so that they range from commercial tasks to contracting, management, and advice. Becoming a successful real estate advisor is a challenging task. Still, there are tools and courses for real estate advisors, both online and in person, that make life easier for those who want to dedicate themselves to it.

Independent or autonomous

It is one of the figures that has grown the most in recent years. It is someone who works independently, may have a portfolio of clients, and manages and collaborates with different real estate agencies in their various functions.

Hired In An Agency

It was the most common figure before and corresponds to the employed professional with a contract in an agency and is due to the requirements of each company and director.

Dependent Self-Employed

This is another modality based on working for only one client on whom one depends economically for at least 75% of their income. Then you can have other clients.

Functions of a real estate advisor

When it comes to knowing how to be a good real estate advisor, the most important thing is to know your functions. They are varied, dynamic (no room for boredom), and completely multidisciplinary. If you consider working as a real estate advisor, we will reveal some main functions.

This professional is the intermediary between buyer and owner: he seeks offers, negotiates, and materializes the sale or rental. This is the main function, and it entails several tasks that we will see below.

A large part of the tasks of this profession are commercial. You have to look for homes and potential clients, so there is quite an important communication task to manage, negotiate, and close sales. It is one of the most enjoyable parts. It allows direct dealings with other people and ensures a good client base, which is the basis for carrying out the rest of the functions. This entails new marketing tasks where loyalty plays an important role. This news is included when we want to study to become a real estate advisor.

It is important to observe the way in which real estate agents advertise the sale of their properties. If a real estate company uses billboards, fences or mysterious ads with only a WhatsApp number, something is not looking good.  If the price is too good for the area, be suspicious. 

There is a lot of paperwork to fill out, so you won’t get rid of these functions, but they are increasingly automated, and many are already online.

Every advisor must be a good real estate advisor, and this is acquired through years of experience. Well, it must solve those doubts and questions the seller and potential buyer ask. And through your needs, find the price, housing, and necessary location. A large part of the success of the real estate manager service lies in the personalization of this service.

When formalizing the sale, the real estate consultant will also appear to accompany the client.
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